The best bet for Congress to approve a BRAC would be for the incoming Trump administration to propose a base closure round aimed at activities with a high payoff, according to several speakers at ADC’s Defense Policy Forum held last week.

A “space BRAC,” for example, should have a high return on investment as the Air Force Space Command has excess facilities capacity of about 50 percent, said Todd Harrison, director of defense budget analysis at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. David Berteau, president and CEO of the Professional Services Council, pointed out that a BRAC round would be an effective way to reduce the federal workforce, a likely goal of a Trump administration. To make a strong argument, DOD first would need to determine what size military the nation can afford. “I don’t think anything will happen soon; but if you can focus on force structure requirements, you could put together a focused BRAC that could go ahead,” Berteau said.