For many years, an F-15 fighter jet on a pedestal has welcomed people to Robins Air Force Base, but now it is gone.

On Saturday, members of the 402nd Maintenance Group removed the plane. It will be relocated to the Museum of Aviation to be part of a planned memorial to deceased base workers, according to a post on the base Facebook page.

But first, the plane will be given a new paint job by the 402nd, part of the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex, the post said.

The plane was lifted by crane off the pedestal and set on a flat-bed trailer on Ga. 247, then part of the fence nearby was removed and it was moved onto the base.

The memorial is a relocation of a memorial on base. Each year, in conjunction with Memorial Day, the base has a ceremony to honor base workers who died during the past year. Their names go on a wall but many families don’t have access to see the memorial, so it is moving to the museum, which is open to the public.

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