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House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Tuesday signed a revised version of the fiscal 2016 defense authorization bill policy before sending it to the president’s desk for the second time.

The Senate approved the annual policy measure last week, but the House had to make technical corrections to it before it could be sent back to Obama, who is expected to sign the legislation after vetoing it last month.

Obama vetoed the initial conference report over its reliance on DOD’s overseas contingency operations account which would have allowed the Pentagon to skirt the spending caps without providing equivalent budget relief for non-defense programs. The new version authorizes $5 billion less in funding than the original, after the recent budget deal called for $33 billion in defense spending above the Budget Control Act cap for FY 2016, an increase that didn’t quite meet the $38 billion in extra funds Congress and the administration had planned for.

Ryan highlighted the bill’s prohibition on moving detainees from Guantánamo Bay to the United States as one of its most significant provisions. Nevertheless, the White House has indicated the president will sign the bill even though he is intent on closing the military prison there, reported the Hill.