ADC 360

In a list of 10 business reforms the incoming Trump administration should consider, former Pentagon Comptroller Robert Hale includes two that “require personal attention from the secretary of defense” — eliminating excess military infrastructure and reaching a long-term budget deal with Congress that raises the caps on defense spending. Given lawmakers’ reluctance over the past five years to approve a new round of base closures, the new defense secretary, and even the president, may need to intervene with Congress, Hale, a fellow with Booz Allen Hamilton, writes in a report published by the Center for a New American Security. “DOD may also need to consider changes in new BRAC legislation, perhaps including a cap on upfront costs,” he says. Despite the effort required to gain permission to conduct a new round, the incoming administration should pursue base closures and realignments to save billions of dollars without degrading the readiness and capability of the military. Hale includes the recommendation to reset the defense budget at “more reasonable and predictable levels” even though it is not a business reform per se because surmounting persistent budget turmoil will increase the chances for the department’s leaders to successfully implement efficiency initiatives.