The top Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee today reintroduced a bill to establish a new round of military base closures in 2019.

“We should not be wasting hard-earned taxpayer money to maintain excess infrastructure that DOD has determined it does not need,” Rep. Adam Smith of Washington State said in a statement announcing his new legislation. “It is time to do what’s right for defense and move forward with this process.”

The bill, which would create a new Base Realignment and Closure Commission, aims to address lingering concerns with the 2005 BRAC round — including increased congressional oversight, placing greater emphasis on savings, controlling up-front costs, and expediting the completion of recommendations on which bases or facilities to close or consolidate.

Smith also noted that Senate Armed Service Committee leaders Senators John McCain and Jack Reed have recently expressed support for reconsidering a BRAC, which the Pentagon has been seeking for years.

A summary of Smith’s legislation can be found here.