Dan Cohen, ADC

DOD’s Office of Economic Adjustment will have the authority to offer grants to states and local governments for assistance to address threats to military installation resilience which could hinder base operations, under language in the fiscal 2019 defense authorization bill. Section 2805 defines installation resilience as the capability of an installation to adapt to and recover from extreme weather events, or unanticipated changes in environmental conditions which could affect the installation or community resources such as transportation needed to “maintain, improve or rapidly reestablish installation mission assurance and mission essential functions.”

The provision and dozens of others in the newly enacted authorization bill affecting defense communities are summarized in a new ADC report, FY 2019 National Defense Authorization Act in Review. The report covers new statutes involving mission support and partnerships, facilities and installation management, real estate authorities, encroachment, energy and water resilience, and environmental contamination. The report is split into two sections. The first is a compilation of On Base stories covering changes most critical to defense communities, including:

  • a new authority allowing DOD to provide funding to state and local governments for off-base infrastructure projects
  • a new authority for closing or realigning installations outside of the normal BRAC process;
  • a requirement for DOD to prepare a more detailed analysis of its excess capacity than the two assessments it has completed since 2016;
  • a requirement for DOD to cut spending by defense support agencies on civilian resources management, logistics management, services contracting and real estate management by 25 percent by Jan. 1, 2020; and
  • a requirement for DOD to outline its plans for cleaning up on- and off-base drinking water supplies contaminated with PFAS after the Environmental Protection Agency establishes a regulatory standard for that class of chemicals.

The second section includes shorter summaries of a wide range of provisions, some of which were not published in On Base. Download the report from the ADC website.