Please share freely with middle school and high school students, parents, and teachers. This email is intended for students in US Congressional District 8, but others are welcome to submit for their District.

The annual Congressional App Challenge has already opened. Deadline for submission is 11 Nov at 11:59PM. Congressman Austin Scott has asked that all students in District 8 have the opportunity to participate. The task is to create, design, and code an app that can be downloadable on your phone. Judging occurs during the month of November and district winners are announced in December.

Last year, our winner was a Houston County High School student who designed an educational/informative first aid app called “Aid Me” that was used to teach K-12 students how to treat a cut/scrape/burn, reasons for why they could have a fever, explaining why their throat hurts, etc. It was really cool!

The winning apps from each district may to be displayed in the US Capitol Building and will be featured on the House of Reps website ( The winning student(s) will be invited to a #HouseOfCode Capitol Hill Reception in Washington D.C., and the winners will receive a $250 Amazon Web Services credits. Talk about awesome!

Please see the attached flyer. Here’s the website with more information—