The ‘R. Wayne Lowe Synergy Innovation Complex’ will add at least 150 people to the workforce.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Houston County continues to boom with jobs, and Thursday county leaders and the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex shared plans for a new software engineering facility in Warner Robins. Leaders say they’ll add at least 150 new employees to the workforce.

A press release says the project is a partnership between the Houston County Board of Commissioners, the Houston County Development Authority, the Houston County Board of Education, and the WR-ALC.

Thursday afternoon, Houston County leaders and the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex announced they will open a new software engineering building in Warner Robins.

“When you look at where the growth is, and what our nation asks of us, it’s to be able to do some software missions and to be able to continue to do those missions for our country,” said Kubinec.

It’s called “Project Synergy” and General John Kubinec says the software work done in the lab will benefit the Air Force and the community.

“This is really about increasing the readiness and lethality for our Air Force. It’s about this community tangibly contributing to the defense of our nation and all the freedoms that we hold dear,” said  Kubinec.

Announcers says they are naming the building “The R. Wayne Lowe Synergy Innovation Complex.”

It’s named after the owner of Lowe Toyota who’s a longtime backer of the base.

A press release says the new facility will be a “collaborative setting” like a modern “Silicon Valley” style software lab.

Houston County Board Of Commissioners Chairman Tommy Stalnaker says the software work will benefit students in the county schools as well.

“It’s going to be educating and training the workforce of tomorrow,” said Stalnaker.

Kubinec says the project has been in the works for about three months.

Right now, it’s only in the design phase, but leaders says the lab should be finished within the next six to nine months.

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