Two individuals from the  21st Century Partnership were asked and honored to speak at the 2019 Annual Meeting/Conference of the Georgia NARFE Federation which was held at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Warner Robins, GA.

The following remarks were copied from their newsletter:

Preparing for Leadership Workshop: What it Takes to Take the Lead: The Instructor was Chrissy Miner, President/CEO, 21st Century Partnership and President/CEO, Museum of Aviation Foundation. Chrissy is one of the youngest leaders in the Middle Georgia area. Chrissy provided some practical tools on developing leadership skills and ways to motivate others and elicit trust as a leader.

Rather than have a banquet, we had an evening session that featured a delicious buffet meal and a keynote speaker. This proved to be a wise choice. Jamie Cook, the STEM Outreach and Workforce Coordinator for the 21st Century Partnership in Warner Robins, did a dynamic presentation on the importance of STEM in the education of our youth. STEM, (no it’s not what a rose grows on), is necessary to prepare our youth for the workforce of the future.