by Daniel McFarland, WGXA, Monday, February 25th 2019

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ga. — Last August, Robins Air Force Base announced the 1,200 in 12 months program would be adding 1,200 jobs to its civilian work staff.

RAFB is already the largest employer in Middle Georgia, with more than 7,200 people working at the Air Logistics Complex alone.

We are now six months into the “1,200 in twelve months program” and so far the base has added 800 jobs, putting them ahead of schedule.

Stacy Wood is the Chief of Human Resources for the Air Logistics complex on base and is overseeing many of the hires. He said that finding candidates for the last 400 jobs will be the most difficult.

“Since we have crossed the 800 mark, we are getting to things that are harder to find. Avionics technicians, air craft electricians, any degreed engineer, predominately computer scientist and electric engineers,” Wood said.

Wood said the majority of the jobs RAFB has added have been residents of Houston County, but the jobs are still attracting people from out of state.

“It does have a ripple effect throughout the community, I would venture to say that our efforts within the gates is having a significant impact outside the gates as well,” said Wood.

That ripple effect has included increased business for local restaurants during lunch hour, more shoppers for stores, and other jobs in the area for family members who move with the new employee.

Most of the jobs still available are specialized, but there are plenty of positions left for people without degrees or even younger people close to graduating high school.

“We do have capacity for apprentice-type workers, as well as interns. We do have that capability to train up the next generation of the work force,” said Wood.

If you applied when the program first launched and haven’t had a call back, Wood said it may be time to apply again. “Every six months we will purge our database just to ensure we have the most current versions of resumes out there,” said Wood.

It has now been just over six months since the announcement, so the first applications RAFB has received have already been purged. If you want to apply, visit