By Chaplain (Capt.) William McMullan, Robins AFB Chapel / Published May 01, 2020


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be able to conduct our Robins Memorial Service this year. That is truly unfortunate. We have all been greatly impacted by the effects of this virus. But like those of us who have served in the United States Armed Services, our nation has had to make sacrifices in order to preserve our way life and in order to protect innocent lives.

My earliest childhood memory of a funeral was for a family member that was a veteran of World War II. It was a funeral for one of my grandmother’s brothers who had passed away. I never really had a chance to know him all that well, but I later would learn of the importance of his life and the great impact he had made.

Several of my grandmother’s brothers fought in World War II. The one who had passed away at the time was a veteran of the European theater. He had survived the war to return home and have a good life. None of my uncles who fought in that war talked about it much. Every now and then they would sit on our back porch and swap war stories. As a kid, I was mesmerized by the experiences they had acquired through their military service.

During this time of the year we remember, honor, and mourn the loss of our family and friends who served in the military and have since passed way. My uncle lived a truly amazing life. He survived an emergency surgery on his family kitchen table, and later he braved the terrible ordeal of landing at Normandy. He was one of the fortunate ones to return home.

Looking back on all those who were killed in action, we learn that each of them had story. They were your family and friends. They were all our fellow Americans. Whether they were killed in action or missing in action, or whether they were able to return home and later passed away, they are all heroes in our eyes. They have all donned the cloth and raised their right hand to uphold and protect our way of life. In each case, our country needed them, and in every instance, they have answered the call.

We want to remember our local veterans. We want to honor those who worked at Robins Air Force Base.

Next year we will hold this Annual Robins Memorial Service that honors all those who have passed away since our last memorial service. For all the families of those who are interested in honoring your loved ones who are affiliated with Robins Air Force Base, please keep a look out for our announcement next January from our Public Affairs office.