Kristin Moriarty/Staff Writer
Sat, Mar 23, 2019

The 21st Century Partnership held its quarterly meeting Thursday at the Museum of Aviation. Special guests, U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson and U.S. House Representative Austin Scott were in attendance.

Both Isakson and Scott commended the Partnership for all of their hard work and for being named one of three 2019 top Great American Defense Communities.

“This is such a wonderful community,” Scott said. “It is people like the 21st Century Partnership that make our jobs in Congress easy. You all work hard each and every day for the mission of Robins Air Force Base, and it’s a tremendous testament to be named a Great American Defense Community.”

“I too with Rep. Scott thank you all,” Isakson said. “Robins Air Force Base is critical to the war fighter’s mission, and I along with my fellow Congressmen Rep. Scott, Senator David Perdue, and Rep. Sanford Bishop, will continue to do everything we can to support this installation.”

Scott and Isakson also touched on how the relationship of the American Federation of Government Union Local 987 is better. The union had been through a long period of conflict with leaders who were forced out by the national union, to which an appointed trustee conducted an investigation. Isakson said now said things are going well with the new leadership team and he acknowledged the local union officials in the audience at the meeting Thursday.

“The union attitude now and the attitude of this base toward the union workers is exactly what is should be,” Isakson said. “Labor relations are an important issue throughout the Air Force. It portends good things for our future if you don’t lose sight of what got you here in the first place, which is good people doing good things for our future.”

Scott said the relationship is key to their (congressional delegation) success in being able to bring additional workload to the base.

“If that relationship is not there, then the additional workload will not be coming to us,” Scott said. “It will be going somewhere else.”

It was also announced at the meeting that Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex Commander Brigadier General John Kubinec has been assigned for an additional year as commander. The term as commander for the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex is an average of two to three years.

“I am humbled and very excited to continue on as commander for another year,” Kubinec said. “It’s been an exciting time and continues to be. As you know we started our hiring campaign of 1,200 in 12 last year and we have reported this week that we have hired over 800 in the halfway mark of this campaign and there are nearly 300 that are waiting to be hired. All this would not be possible with our congressional delegation, local elected officials, the 21st Century Partnership, the community, and so many more to name.”