by Jake Mammen, Fox24 WGXA

Sunday, September 29th 2019

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Over the weekend Robins Air Force Base hosted the Thunder Over Georgia Air Show. Tt was full of fun, excitement, and patriotic events and people waited in anticipation to see the thunderbirds steal the show.

What a day it was, a day slated with several incredible aerial performances by many of the unique aircraft that fly our sky’s today. Let’s be honest people waited in anticipation to see one of the most premier fighter aircraft of this generation, the F-22, and the extraordinary Thunderbirds.

However, this show meant a little more, one of the Thunderbird pilots graduated from Houston County.

“It just means so much for one of the 5 or 6 thunderbirds one of the ones flying in those planes to be from our state and really represent,” Lunsford said.

Ross Lunsford and Guilherme Witkoski both U-G-A Air Force R-O-T-C Cadets were in attendance Saturday. When asked about what it’s like to attend this event they both said it’s really special to see all the different opportunities the military presents, but for Witkoski it hits home.

“I’m actually brazillian, I moved to America about eight years ago and I’ve lived here in the State of Georgia this entire time. Being a student here at the University of Georgia knowing that one day I will be able to represent America the way he does, makes me proud.”

Our military men and women do so much for our country and the Thunder Over Georgia air show is a way to say thank you to middle Georgia, a community that lives each day as Armed Forces Appreciation Day.

Lunsford says, “It was neat to see the people that defend our nation and really give them what they deserve the support that they deserve.”

If you’ve never had the opportunity to experience an event like this, they suggest going the next time the air show is in town because it’s truly inspiring.