The Georgia Department of Labor’s GeorgiaBEST (Business Ethics Student Training) Program is an effort to provide all students with an education that leads them to being college and career ready. This program is designed to answer some of the top concerns employers have regarding our future workforce. GeorgiaBEST concentrates on teaching students the skills required to be successful in the workforce. These skills include punctuality, communication, teamwork and attitude. Students earn GeorgiaBEST certification through everyday observation and teacher assessment. This certification serves as validation to employers that students have displayed strong work habits and are ready for the workforce. There are 10 modules.

1) Discipline and Character

2) Attendance and Punctuality

3) Productivity and Academic Performance

4) Responsibility and Organization

5) Attitude and Respect

6) Teamwork and Work Habits
7) Self-Management and Time Management

8) Oral and Written Communication Skills

9) Appearance and Professional Level

10) Social Media

The goal of the each class is to have a 30 minute lesson, along with a 15-20 minute activity the students are able to turn in as evidence for this module in their portfolios. We would like the presenters to stay with us for the school day, 7:30-2:30, and present 6 times throughout the day. We will provide lunch. However, we understand, the need to be in the workplace as well and if they are unable, we ask that they provide us with a half day. We will, then, attempt to fill the second half with another guest. I have attached an overview of each module. We are looking for someone to come to Rutland High School and speak with our students February 27th – March 10th. We would appreciate you forwarding this on to persons who might be interested in this program. Thank you for your willingness to help Bibb County CTAE in making our students better members in their Careers and Communities.

Please contact Jody Heath at for further information.