Sen. Larry Walker and Members of the Joint Defense Commission Meet at Robins Air Force Base

Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

On Thursday, July 15, 2021, Sen. Larry Walker (R – Perry) joined members of the Joint Defense Commission for their third meeting at the Nugteren Hanger within the Museum of Aviation at Robins Air Force Base. At the meeting, members joined a group of panelists representing Georgia’s Air Force commands and installations to discuss issues and priorities.

“The Joint Defense Commission has afforded me the opportunity to engage with fine leaders in our military and civilian communities, and I could not be happier to host them at one of the prides of Senate District 20 – Robins Air Force Base,” said Sen. Walker. “Robins Air Force Base is pivotal to the economic livelihood of our community, with an influx of jobs and innovative strategies. However, as we identified in our discussions on Thursday, the continued success of our bases relies on our ability as a state to be able to support the areas of greatest need – the training, recruitment and employment of individuals; the licensure of families; and the strengthening of community partnerships. As always, I am honored to be able to engage on these issues and I look forward to our continued work in developing our military infrastructure.”

The Georgia Joint Defense Commission was first created in 2018 through the passage of Senate Bill 395, and is composed of members of the General Assembly and both civilian and military leaders. The intent of the Commission is to evaluate defense and military issues, and provide recommendations that support the development of these installations. To view the text of SB 395 outlining the Commission, follow the link here: