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Washington, D.C. — The Pentagon’s new installations, energy and logistics chief  said creating and sustaining resilient installations would be one of his top priorities, during remarks Thursday at ADC’s Defense Policy Forum. Robert McMahon, who was sworn in as DOD’s first assistant secretary of defense for sustainment last month, refrained, however, from defining what he meant by a resilient installation. “I’m going to let you figure that out yourself,” he said, before adding that the term “absolutely” covers cybersecurity and energy requirements. “And is it a variety of other things on top of that.”

McMahon reinforced the preeminence of installation resilience in response to an audience question about the kinds of project he would favor allocating dollars to under the Defense Community Infrastructure Pilot Program, the new authority allowing the department to provide funding to state and local governments for off-base infrastructure projects. “If there were dollars available,” projects that help installations become resilient or benefit service members and their families, he answered. McMahon earlier underscored the importance of focusing on personnel and their families. “We have a responsibility that our people and families have a safe place to live, work, play and pray,” he said.

The new authority is not funded in the fiscal 2019 defense spending bill.