By Holly Logan-Arrington, Robins Public Affairs / Published July 31, 2019



 At a Glance:

◾ Gates open at 9 a.m.

◾Opening ceremonies start at 11 a.m.

◾Admission and parking are free in designated areas.

◾Times and performances are subject to change.

WHAT TO KNOW: The #ThunderOverGeorgia2019 air show is going to be action packed this year! Make sure to bookmark for all the latest – from performers to tips and parking. Mark your calendars now for Sept. 28 and 29, 2019. Find out more on the Robins Air Force Base website at:, and you can follow the air show on Facebook at


The U.S Army’s Special Operations Command’s Black Daggers Aerial Demonstration Team will drop in for a visit at this year’s Thunder Over Georgia Air Show Sept 28 and 29.

The team is comprised entirely of volunteers from the Army special operations community. They have diverse backgrounds and possess various military specialties.

The Black Daggers are based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. There are little less than a dozen on the team, which is made up of USASOC Soldiers. The Black Daggers perform for both military and civilian audiences.

Descending from the skies at 12,500 feet, traveling nearly 120 miles per hour, free-fall parachuting is the closest humans have ever come to actually flying. For the Black Daggers, that’s a typical Monday morning.

During their two-mile drop, the Black Daggers maneuver their body using their hands, arms, legs and shoulders to control their flight. At a few thousand feet, they deploy their parachutes and land with pin-point precision.

The Black Daggers use the military variant of the ram-air parachute, which allows a free-fall parachutist the ability to jump with more than 100 pounds of additional equipment attached. In addition to the extra weight, the jumper must also withstand high winds, frigid temperatures and low oxygen levels, all of which require the jumper to be highly skilled.

Be sure to come out and see the Black Daggers in person Sept. 28-29 in person, along with the other great acts to include the Air Force Thunderbirds and the F-22 Demonstration Team.