Warner Robins City Council renews its 21st Century Partnership for $54K

The figure was calculated based on the number of people in Houston County who work for or are retired from the base — nearly 26,000 people.
Warner Robins City Council renews its 21st Century Partnership for $54K

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — At Monday’s meeting, Warner Robins City Council authorized a renewal of its contribution to the 21st Century Partnership — which all started in 1993.

“Warner Robins has been involved with 21st Century Partnership since its inception, since the beginning, and has been a supporter ever since. They’re one of the key components of the success of 21st Century Partnership,” said Daniel Rhoades, Chief Operations Officer.

21st Century Partnership serves as a community liaison that works to ensure the longevity and economic development of Robins Air Force Base.

Rhoades says they currently have new projects in the works.

“We’re getting ready to kick off the Middle Georgia Sustainability plan, which looks at how our community overall is going to sustain Robins into the future,” he said.

City council says the 21st Century Partnership has made many efforts in support of Central Georgia and the base.

At the meeting, they approved a contribution of $54,493.16 for the 2021-2022 year.

Councilman Charlie Bibb says he appreciates the partnership’s role in the growth of the International City.

“We understand the Robins Air Force Base is the mill around here for many local communities, but especially Warner Robins, and so what they’re providing what their, their future what they’re looking for is just awesome, their outlook towards Warner Robins, Georgia,” he said.

Bibb thanks the partnership for its work with STEM programs for students.

“The one thing that I love that they are doing is working with our school system and creating a place for Warner Robins students to stay here to go to college or maybe want to come back and have their family, have great careers at Robins Air Force Base, which is awesome,” said Bibb.

Rhoades says 21st Century Partnership has an annual economic impact of $3.38 million.