Starting Monday, Defense Communities 360 will be getting a makeover.

The static five-stories-a-day format will be replaced with a more flexible one that will be easier to scroll through on mobile devices. If you only have two minutes a day to catch up on the news from the Pentagon, Capitol Hill and defense communities, the new format, with its emphasis on streamlined teasers of news articles, will allow you to do that. And if an article piques your interest, you can click on a link to the original story for more details.

At the same time, stories of particular interest to ADC members — legislation aimed at defense communities or a service-wide restructuring of a mission, for example — will continue to receive more thorough coverage.

Once a week, the e-newsletter will include a longer feature relying on original reporting and interviews with key community and DOD leaders. The weekly feature may take a close look at a new Pentagon program, a piece of legislation, a local support group’s latest initiative, an update on a base reuse project or a national trend affecting defense communities.

In short, you’ll still get all the news on BRAC, community-military partnering, military privatization, installation management, mission growth and sustainment, regional/community planning, energy security, military families and veterans support, base redevelopment and environmental concerns, but in a new package.

The changes are meant to reflect shifts in how readers access news and information in the 21st Century. Even when readers commit to perusing a particular email, they are rushed and may be looking at it on a phone while walking down the street. The new format adopts a mobile-first approach, so readers won’t have to pinch and zoom to read the newsletter; the design also will limit the need to click through to read a full story.

Other changes are in store as well. Defense Communities 360 will now become the brand for all of ADC’s editorial products, something you will see more of in the coming months. Our first step in designating Defense Communities 360 as our editorial brand is renaming the daily newsletter The Insider.

One benefit of the newsletter’s streamlined format is the opportunity I will have to work on publications with a longer shelf-life, such as our survey of state military affairs offices and the State of Base Redevelopment report. Over the next year, look for case studies on innovative community-military partnerships, several publications capturing the discussions at key sessions from future ADC events and other reports as well.

Finally, with the debut of The Insider, we no longer will be producing three different formats of the newsletter. All of our readers will receive the same version. Perhaps the biggest change will be for those who subscribe to the weekly edition — we hope you find the daily emails worth your while.

After five-and-a-half years of 360’s current format, we felt the time was right for something different. I hope the changes make it easier for you to keep abreast of the latest news. Please let me know what you think about our new look.

Dan Cohen,

Managing Editor

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