The story behind the man, Augustine Warner Robins, who had a city and military base named after him. Mayor and a person with the Washington Memorial Library talk about the history and his legacy.

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The city of Warner Robins was named after Brigadier General Augustine Warner Robins from Virginia. A 1907 graduate of The United States Military Academy at West Point, he was considered the best logistics officer of what was then known as the United States Army Air Corps.

Muriel Jackson, head of genealogy and archives at Washington Memorial Library said that the city was not always named Warner Robins.

“I think it’s around 1930 something that he gets more interested in the Army Air Corps that has been formed,” Jackson said.

Robins himself did not have close ties to the area, but he was well-known for his management abilities.

“His logistics skills were put to the test and worked very well in the development of Robins,” Jackson said.

While Robins was highly regarded, there were some obstacles to getting the city and base named after him.

“The general put in charge of the base, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas had served under him and when they wanted a name for the base, he suggested Warner Robins,” Jackson said.

Warner Robins Mayor Randy Toms said the base had to be named after the nearest city and at the time, that was Wellston.

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