The influence of defense communities and states in defense policy has increased significantly.  Congress and DoD are looking to organization’s like ADC more than ever to understand the issues that are important to helping our communities and states support the military.  That means, as an organization we need to share what is important to us.

ADC has embarked on a formal process to develop and endorse a series of policy initiatives for 2019.  We are currently soliciting input from our members and stakeholders and we would like to hear from you.  You have two ways of submitting information:

  1. Click on this link and fill out the online form with your input; or
  2. Email the following information to
    (1) What are the issues you face at the local level that could be addressed by changes to federal policy?
    (2) What legislative changes could enhance your efforts to partner with installation or defense industry partners?

Inputs will be reviewed by our Federal Outreach Advisory Committee. A policy framework will be presented at our Defense Policy Forum on November 8th.  A final policy position will be released in early 2019.

Please take this opportunity to share your ideas and help create a stronger voice for defense communities.