Air Force Operational Imperatives includes ABMS

Kendall Outlines ‘Operational Imperatives,’ Choices During Think Tank Appearance

By Charles Pope
Secretary of Air Force Public Affairs

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall summarized the Operational Imperatives before addressing questions.

The first is a “resilient space order of battle.”

Space is a far different and more dangerous place these days, Kendall said. But it also remains critical to virtually everything the military does since space is a conduit for intelligence, navigation, communication and other essential capabilities.

“We recognized space was a contested domain and we had to take aggressive action to protect our assets in space and also to deal with the threatening assets that potential adversaries might have,” he said.

The second is refining and focusing two connected efforts to form a fully networked, multi-domain, joint and universal command and control system that can link all branches of the U.S. military at virtually all command levels. The overarching effort is known as Joint All-Domain Command and Control or JADC2. The Department of the Air Force’s contribution to the effort is known as the Advanced Battle Management System or ABMS.

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