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Welcome to the Partnership!

Working to enhance the military value of Robins Air Force Base and economic development in Middle Georgia!


Why Invest?

Why invest in the 21st Century Partnership?

...You are investing in Middle Georgia!

  • Robins Air Force Base is the largest industrial complex in the state of Georgia, employing about 24,000 people, including almost 15,000 civilians, all of whom live in Middle Georgia. It has a net payroll of $1.7 billion. The base is the economic engine of Middle Georgia generating an annual economic impact of $3.54 billion for the region. (a/o June 2021)
  • Like any business, Robins AFB is constantly exposed to threats and opportunities. Because it is part of the federal government, it cannot directly respond to those threats and opportunities like a normal business.
  • The 21st Century Partnership exists to provide a unified community voice for the base, helping to mitigate those threats and to exploit those opportunities. The Partnership is the only community activity focused solely on enhancing the military value of Robins in order to capture opportunities. It focuses on Robin’s future and the economic viability of Middle Georgia on your behalf.
  • Investing in the 21st Century Partnership is investing in the future of Middle Georgia and our economic engine…Robins Air Force Base.