Care Packages

Items requested for 2024

Small sized carry-on products such as:
Travel sized toiletries, lotion, dental floss, lens cleaning cloths, individual packaged wipes sunglasses, socks, gloves, warm hats, foot powder, Q-tips, paperback books, magazines, frisbees, yo-yos, crossword puzzles, sudoku, decks of cards, writing materials, small nerf balls
Small sized Prepackaged food items such as:
Nuts, trail mix, hard candies, cookies, snack packs, beef jerky, Slim Jims, Chex Mix, Cheez-Its, Rice Krispie Treats, granola bars, lollipops, Fun Dip, powder drink mix (single serving) ramen, microwavable mac and cheese, gum, microwavable popcorn, peanut butter crackers
Please do not incude chips...they don't travel well!
Hand-written letters:
Letters are a way to send encouragement to a deployed military member
Items can be dropped off at the 21st Century Partnership Office:
804 Park Drive, Warner Robins, GA 31088 (Call ahead for drop off time)
The last day donations will be accepted is October 31, 2024.
Any questions please call: 478-225-9005 ext 3